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Back from event in Kiev

On monday we have came back from the event in Kiev, which was presented like a knights tournament. So now I think I have put my thoughts together to write a short report.
First thing to say is: after taking part in Nykobing event this summer with the Company of Saynt George, local events turned grey and boring to me. This is some kind of addiction - addiction to Company's standarts, its level. I simply cannot stop comparing what I saw in Denmark with what I see here.
But the first step in healing is recognition of the problem, isn't? So I'm going to write the report like I would write it a year ago. At least I would try.

The place.
The event took place in the Park "Kiev Rus". The idea of the park is to rebuilt a copy of early medieval russian town. For only several years they are working on it, but the progress is big, and the great job is done... OK, I've managed to write three (!!!) sentences without comparing it with Nykobing. Now I give up!
In the brochure, given to me by Pia Bach of the MedievalCentre it was written, that the key word of the project is Authenticy. And this word means a lot in the Centre. For the Kiev Rus project the key word is tourism. There is a place for Autheticy though, but somewhere in the second line. This is sad, very sad.
Nevertheless, they make a great work there, and I am to be thankfull. After all its the first project of this kind in Ukraine.
Here are several pics, made by a friend of mine, Sergey (visit his blog - he writes alot about our lovely Sevastiopol and Taurica).

Other pics will are taken by different authors:
I don't know how many people took part in the event (something about 350 I guess). There were groups from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Latvia, several guys from Austria (but their kits were really, really awfull, like we had on LARP in 2000s) and one guy from France.
The level and quality of kits was very different, from "go-back-to-hell-you-miserable-f@*k" to "sire-may-I-compliment-on-your-costume".
And the time-frame was very wide: 14-16c.

Overall impression
It's becomin obvious, that the future belongs to closed events with very restricted period accepted. For now I am fed up with events with hundreds and hundreds of tourists.
But lots of good friends were met, gallons of liquid with various percentage of alcohol in it drank, purses and flasks sold, experiens gained.
The season is coming to an end, and I will have lots of time to prepare to the next year.

Here are some pictures by different authors that I like:

Alexandra Kononenko, a friend of mine from Sevastopol
Me :)
Andrey Kurkin, the organasitor of the event, Kiev (on the right) and Nikolay Petruhin, head of Landsknechts from Tula, Russa.
Beautifull girls in wonderfull kits, from Kiev
 P.S. there was a trebuchet on the event. I didn't even come close to it. I've seen ones in Nykobing. This one wasn't even their son, it was their larva :)
P.P.S. There was a wonderfull music on the event, provided by russian group "Avis Dei"

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  1. Oh my... if I only knew you would be there!
    There was a medieval dancing group from Poland you might have seen - it was our group, and we were offered to go to Kiev... but maybe next time...
    How about a winter event in Poland? (5-7 February, unfortunately quite far away, on the Western border)