четверг, 16 февраля 2012 г.

Purse for the bagpiper

This summer at the Companies event in Denmark I have met a woderfull person - Catherine. She was very kind to me and my friends. It was a great pleasure to discuss with her matters of reenactment, cuisine and some philological themes. Not only was she a good company, but also appeared to be a very talanted piper! We have enjoyed her and David's music all the week, both at the drilling and at the dancing.

I was very proud when Catherine asked me to make a good new purse for her. And there was an interesting project I was thinking over for some time: the bagpipers purse from the painting by Master ES! Everything matched :)
I tried to make my best with this purse. I used only veg-tanned leather.

The brass mounts are hand-made.
The purse has three compartments: first under the flap, second is on the other side (it is one compartment devided on two) and the third compartment has two sewn on pouchlets and a small case for wax tablets. The cloth part is made of a hand woven linen cloth, which has very beautifull texture.
There is a tooled design on the case.

Wax tablets are made of juniper wood, which grows on the South coast of Taurica (Crimea). It is forbidden to cut the tree, but I have found a small piece of wood couple of years ago in the forest. Also I have added a bone stylus to the purse.

Although it took me more time than I expected to coplete the purse, I am quite happy with the result.

среда, 8 февраля 2012 г.

Khersones under snow

This post was originally posted by my friend Sergey Anashkevich. All the pictures are made by him.

Thousands of tourists visit ruins of ancient greek town Khersones in Sevastol every year. Photographs of its views: the church, coloumns, the bell could be found on hundreds of post-cards and souvineers.
But just few have seen the town under the snow, which is rare in Taurica (Crimea).
2. The morning sun above the ruins
3. Coloumn supports the sky
4. Millenial coloumns
5. Listening  to the sea