четверг, 16 февраля 2012 г.

Purse for the bagpiper

This summer at the Companies event in Denmark I have met a woderfull person - Catherine. She was very kind to me and my friends. It was a great pleasure to discuss with her matters of reenactment, cuisine and some philological themes. Not only was she a good company, but also appeared to be a very talanted piper! We have enjoyed her and David's music all the week, both at the drilling and at the dancing.

I was very proud when Catherine asked me to make a good new purse for her. And there was an interesting project I was thinking over for some time: the bagpipers purse from the painting by Master ES! Everything matched :)
I tried to make my best with this purse. I used only veg-tanned leather.

The brass mounts are hand-made.
The purse has three compartments: first under the flap, second is on the other side (it is one compartment devided on two) and the third compartment has two sewn on pouchlets and a small case for wax tablets. The cloth part is made of a hand woven linen cloth, which has very beautifull texture.
There is a tooled design on the case.

Wax tablets are made of juniper wood, which grows on the South coast of Taurica (Crimea). It is forbidden to cut the tree, but I have found a small piece of wood couple of years ago in the forest. Also I have added a bone stylus to the purse.

Although it took me more time than I expected to coplete the purse, I am quite happy with the result.

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  1. Next time I'm in West Texas I'll look for some more juniper -- it's legal to cut here, as the western half the country is covered in it.

  2. Beautiful work. The linen lining is a lovely touch, it sets the pouch well above most others.