пятница, 23 августа 2013 г.

Itallian purse based on image by Baccio Baldini (1470-1480)

This is quite strange, but itallian iconographic sources show VERY few girdle purses. So every time you find one it's like finding a real treasure!
This one was provided me by Eugenio Larosa. I picked the right one. The image is not very clear, so my version of this purse is an  assumtion in a way.

The purse is quite big: 26x22cm

I decided to make it with two compartments and three pouchlets.
The rear part of the first compartment is made with hand-woven linen cloth.
The pouchlets are stitched on the perimeter with linen thread. The same thrad used for the braids.
The plait is 3.5mm wide
On the rear it looks like this
The bucle we made for this purse

By the end of this week I will make a one more post on the itallian purse (new one), source for which was kindly provided by Eugenio Larosa as well. Cheers!

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