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landsknechts purse

I am not very good at XVI century costume. So when I was asked to make a landsknechts purse I have spent quite some time googling for proper source. Probably 16c. reenactors will correct me, but it looks like there are quite few sources for purses of first quarter of 16c. But this one by Urs Graf shows a girdle purse perfect for reenactment :)
This is a ruther big girdle purse with two small pouchlets. There is no sign of a buckle strap or other closure type. From what I managed to find in the web, this is common for 16c purses.
There was a budget limit on the purse, so no fancy tooling on the flap for this one. But leaving such a big space just plain did not look good too. So I made this simple design.
The flap, as well as the opening are reinforces with thinner leather. The small coin pouchlets are attatched with leather cord. On the rear panel there are 2 girdle loops.
I have used 2.8-3.2 thick vegetable tanned leather for the main parts and 1mm thick veg tanned for reinforcements.
That would be all :) More 16c purses are on the way!

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